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DIVING IN EGYPT                      الغوص في مصر

Egypt red sea diving

In the south red sea you can discover the pristine reefs of the fury shoals. Umm Gamar Surrounded by massive blocks "punctured", surrounded by glass fish, anthias, true "clusters" of soft corals, fans, scorpion fish, giant moray eels ... And extending by a beautiful fall to about 60m ... Ras Sha'ab Nugar Passage frequent eagle rays, turtles ... Beau on depth (12 m). Abu Nugar 8 pillars laid on a background of 12 - 15m back between 4 and 8 m, surrounded by an abundant life. Anthias, glassfish, soldiers, soft coral, gorgonian small, safe fish, scorpion fish, crocodile fish and large groupers ... Siyul Gilwa (all levels) "Lagon", 2 to 4m depth comparable to a aquarium, is plunging by a coral slope up to 25m of substance. Siyul Kebir 8m plateau extending by a coral slope to about 30m. Life very subscribers, including large groups of fish tick and sometimes sand sharks. Dolphin house Two reefs separated by a corridor in which dolphins regularly. Beautiful coral gardens, turtles, small tropical fauna, by 12 m deep, to go to 30m. The dream of divers and photographers! The el Gouna plus: if the weather allows you can dive on wrecks northern previously only accessible to cruise ships (Abu Nuhas without extra charge). Giannis (all levels) Wreck of 100m in length based on a background of 23 m (top to 5m).

Good condition, marine life very developed. Crocodile fish, moray eels, scorpion fish, platax, carangues ... Carnatic (all levels) Motorized schooner resting in 25 meters of water, lying on its port side.. It is very easy to enter the calles safe. Life developed, many concretions, rays, platax, moray eels, glassfish, rifle ... Krissoula Wreck 3m flush with the surface and down to 27m. All levels. Concretions abundant marine life ... A highly developed dream photographer Epave "Rosalie Moller" (divers confirmed) 108 m long and 16 m wide, this magnificent wreck is raised on a background of 50 m. Wreck full of fish, huge , tuna, bonito, barracuda, moray eels giant. (average diving 20 to 25 minutes)

Diving in Taba الغوص في طابا
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Diving in Dahab الغوص في دهب
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Diving Red sea  الغوص في البحر الاحمر
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Red sea in Egypt البحر الاحمر في مصر
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Diving resorts Egypt الغوص في منتجعات مصر
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Diving in Sharm el sheikh الغوص في شرم الشيخ
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