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PYRAMIDS IN EGYPT               الاهرامات في مصر

Pyramids & the Sphinx‏

Khéops to Giseh

The pyramid Khéops, named the Great Pyramid, is one of the "seven wonders of the world".

It differs from other pyramids by the giant dimensions and the perfection of its construction. The pyramid has been losing its treasures of origin after the end of the Old Empire, but there is no formal proof. The modern explorers have found the Great Pyramid empty, apart from the massive granite sarcophagi in a burial chamber (which proves its destination first).

The interior of the Great Pyramid shows that the initial plan has undergone at least two changes under construction. It is not difficult to guess the various changes of plans, if one realizes that architects should have finished the job in the death of Pharaoh: gold, which could predict the exact date? Even today, the construction of the Great Pyramid pose considerable problems of management and execution of the work.

The project had to be achévé more or less towards the end of the twenty-third year of the reign of Cheops. Its realization asked each year 100000 large blocks (approximately 285 per day!) Each weighing an average of two and a half tonnes, it was first necessary to extract dégrossir before then be transported to the site and set up. The magnitude of the task, the care with which this pyramid has been designed and built and the fact that we have never found burial in the Great Pyramid pose problems that have not yet been resolved.

The report from the height of the pyramid Khéops by his half-base is the number of gold.

According to Herodotus, Egyptian priests said that the dimensions of the Great Pyramid were chosen such as "The square built on the vertical height exactly equaled the surface of each of the triangular faces"

According Thoth, the Great Pyramid was built according to the geometry of the human body. Just as there are spiral-energy that emerge from the human body, there are spiral-energy emerging from the Great Pyramid. One of these spirals passed by the sarcophagus is in the House of Kings. The authorities in charge of Egyptian antiquities have moved the sarcophagus, because of the "bizarre things" often arriving visitors who slept in the sarcophagus.

After years of intensive training, an insider slept in the shelter so that the spiral-energy pass through the head of the insider. The insider could then connect his conscience with the spiral, and was "thrown" into a higher consciousness. After three days, the insider outside the sarcophagus and was taken to the Queen's Chamber, where the effects of different spiral Energy helped to his conscience restabiliser three-dimensional.

The change that started experimenting, from our level of consciousness to the cosmic consciousness, is the same change that the human race will experiment during ascent planet.

 Pyramids Camal الجمل في الاهرامات
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Egypt Pyramid    مصر الاهرام
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Great Pyramids الاهرامات
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Pyramids  In Egypt

الاهرامات في مصر

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