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Pyramids & the Sphinx الهرم وابوالهول

It is the Egyptian pharaohs who have built for themselves from 2630 to 1645 BC. J.C., tombs in the shape of pyramids. Although all the pyramids were built for the same purpose, they differ in their shape, size, internal plans and many other components.
Egypt Hotels فنادق مصر ماريوت وسوفيتل وجرنت حياة
Egypt has a large number of hotels of different levels In different locations.There are a large numbers of first-class Hotels in Egypt including the Hilton Hotel and the Sheraton Hotel and Meridian Hotel and Movenpick Hotel and Conrad Hotel Hotel and Movanpik, and the Semiramis Hotel and Ramada Hotel and other first-class hotel that kind of luxurious Hotels Egypt, which is not like many developed countries there are other hotels at all levels.This site contains the names of different hotels which is located in Egypt and also offer a large number of photos of this hotels.
Egypt Maps خرائط مصر
Map is the most important thing he was carrying with him the tourist During the travel Because the map of the state visited by tourists is Very important for him The site includes a Egypt maps Cairo Maps Alexandrian Maps Luxor Maps Hurghada Maps Sharm El Sheikh Maps And Aswan Maps so that the tourist guide during his visit to Egypt With sincere wishes for a beautiful vacation in Egypt.

Ancient Egypt Nevertiti مصر القديمة ونفرتيتي

The civilization of ancient Egypt has cultural characteristics of individual achievements and great originality. It was the credibility of the authenticity of all civilizations. Making the civilization of ancient Egypt or the undisputed world civilizations. This is civilization's most famous and ancient civilizations.
Nile Cruise البواخر النيلية
To visit the fascinating temples of Luxor and Karnak, the necropolis of Thebes mortuary with the valleys of kings, queens and nobles then lower the Temple of Horus, Kom Ombo and Aswan to the Temple of Philae saved water In Egypt, Nile cruises are a good way to visit the sites without the change of hotel The classic cruise you have led a small part of the Nile, the longest river in the world, between Luxor and Aswan is 280km of navigation.
Tourism In Egypt السياحة في مصر برج القاهرة القلعة المتحف
Tourism is one of the most important sources of national income in Egypt, and the Egyptian people are used to the presence of tourists midst since antiquity. Egypt is characterized by many in the tourist sites of all kinds, because of the abundance of the Ancient Egyptian monuments and temples that have been take care of it and to attract investment in tourism, are also available tourism infrastructure, which includes five-star hotels and tourist villages and tourism companies and the airline office
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